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1.1 What is the LEIA web browser address?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button. Kindly go to leia.icondo.asia using a CHROME browser to log in.

1.2 Can I access LEIA from other platforms such as handphones and tablets?

Yes, kindly go to leia.icondo.asia using a CHROME browser to log in.

1.3 Why are there missing sections on my LEIA dashboards or that I am unable to select certain functions in LEIA?

The LEIA system works best in the CHROME browser. If you are using other browsers, some functions like bubble counters might not work properly.

1.4 I did not receive my OTP ?

Please check that your phone is able to receive 4G signal. If you are still having problems, please contact our support whatsapp line.

1.5 I need a new login for additional new staff members.

Kindly whatsapp the following information to our support line: 1. Full Name 2. Mobile Number 3. Designation 4. Replacing anyone in the team? 5. If he/she is replacing someone, kindly provide the last date of service for the person he/she is replacing.

1.6 I need a login for temporary staff access.

Kindly whatsapp the following information to our support line: 1. Full Name 2. Mobile Number 3. Designation 4. Who is he covering for? 5. Access Expiry date?

1.7 I need a security login:

Kindly whatsapp the following information to our support line: 1. Full Name 2. Mobile Number 3. Replacing anyone in the team?

1.8 What is the difference between a security login and a MA team login?

Security logins are logins for the security guards to view only LIVE confirmed facilities bookings and the list of vendors that are approved to be moving in/out. They will not be able to edit bookings or to view any other sections.

1.9 Can the logins issued restrict certain members from performing certain functions?

YES, we can issue logins that perform specific functions. But all team members with MA logins can view all sections of LEIA.

User Registration

2.1 How do residents apply for an iCondo account?

Step 1: Download iCondo app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store Step 2: Fill up information on the registration page: First name Last name Email ( or the user’s login) Mobile number Create password (minimum 6 alphanumeric characters) Insert a profile picture Step 3: Phone number will be verified via OTP Step 4: Send account information to your condo. Select condo name, block and unit number Step 5: Select type of applicant; owner or tenant. Step 6: If the applicant is a tenant, they will need to upload the first and last page of tenancy agreement as proof of residency. Note: Personal information can be redacted. MA only requires information on tenant’s name, tenancy expiry and the unit’s occupants

2.2 What if the owner is not residing in Singapore and does not have a Singapore mobile number?

You can add the resident from LEIA. Go to “NEW USER” click on, “add owner” or “add tenant” and input all details required including an overseas mobile number. The password will be sent to the resident via his/her email.

2.3 How do I assist residents to check what their email logins were used?

You may assist the resident to check the email address used by clicking on “ Unit log ” > filter block and unit number > view the email address used.

2.4 What if my resident forgets their passwords?

1. Request residents to select “forget password” in the login page of iCondo. 2. Enter resident’s email address used 3. Reset password email sent - press once 4. New password will be sent via email - Please check email junk / spam folder if they did not receive their new password within 5 minutes 5. Please advise users to change their password by clicking onto the settings icon ( top right), once they have successfully logged in.

2.5 My resident is unable to login?

Please advise residents to remain logged in at all times to receive updated announcements and information. Please check with the resident what is the pop- up message on the app when trying to login. What the pop - up error message means: “Oops! Account not found” - The resident has used an incorrect email to login. - Please check for typo errors. - Assist the resident to check email used by going into the unit log. - Filter block and unit number - Check email used as their login “Oops! Wrong username or password” The password used is incorrect. Advise user to check password by clicking on the eye icon on the right side If a user has forgotten their password please follow step 2.4 to reset password.

2.6 Can a resident use one email login for multiple condo / units?

At the moment, 1 email address is used for 1 account. Residents will have to use another email address to register for different condo / units. We are working on a solution and will keep you updated.

2.7 My resident has moved to another condo within my estate. How can I help them update their unit number?

If their existing tenancy has not expired and they are still registered in their old unit, click on the settings icon in the app on the top right corner. Select “change condo or unit” This will archive them from the current unit and will ask them to input their new condo and unit numbers. They will be required to upload their first and last page of their tenancy agreement as proof of residency. MA team will receive it as a new user application for approval. If their existing tenancy has expired and they have been logged out of the app. They will need to proceed to LOGIN with their existing username and password. The app would have recognised that they have been archived and prompt them for their new condo unit details. They will be required to upload their first and last page of their tenancy agreement as proof of residency. MA team will receive it as a new user application for approval.

2.8 When do residents login to the iCondo app and when do they create an iCondo account?

Residents will only need to create a NEW account once. If their account has been archived or if their tenancy agreement expired, they will NOT require to create a NEW account. Proceed to login with their existing username and password. The app will be able to prompt them with the necessary steps.

2.9 Can there be multiple users registered under the same unit? How about Quota?

Yes. The system does not limit the number of accounts in a unit however their booking quota will be shared. The Management may decide to limit the number of accounts per household during registration.

2.10 How do i approve additional users?

If the application is by one of the family members residing in the condo, click approve. Remember not to tick replace master and approve as the owner will be archived out of the system.

2.11 What if the user is staying in the condo but is not reflected in strata roll or tenancy agreement?

1. Check with unit owner to verify user 2. Request for documents like latest phone bill or any ID with registered address 2. For these occupants, they should apply in the same category as the main occupant. Eg: If the daughter of the owner is applying - select owner If the son of tenant is applying - select tenant

2.12 Why can't I select a tenancy expiry date for different tenants staying in the same unit?

Tenancy expiry date follows the main tenant of the unit. Once the master tenant tenancy expires, occupiers account under the tenants will also be archived.

2.13 What if the applicant name does not match strata roll?

Kindly verify the contact details of the resident against strata roll and confirm with the main SP before approving the application.

2.14 What is replace master?

Replace master - Replace master is to replace the current master account in the unit log When replace master box is ticked, the current accounts in the unit log will be archived. Archived residents will not be able to access the iCondo app.

2.15 What if I accidentally replace master?

To restore an account in the unit log, request users to login with the same login details used previously. Alternatively, you may click the unarchive function for the user in the unit log.

2.16 New Owners - What if the unit has a new owner?

To replace current owners with new owners, you may archive current residents. This will deactivate access of the current owners and then approve the new owner’s application. Alternatively when you receive the new owner’s application, you may click on replace master and the system will automatically archive the old owner’s account.

2.17 Can an off site owner apply for an account?

Yes they can. Off site owners are able to apply to allow them to receive the latest announcements and happenings in the estate.

2.18 How do I ensure that off-site owners will not be able to book facilities?

For off-site owners - the resident box under the unit log should be unchecked. This is to ensure that off site owners will not be able to book facilities.

2.19 What if the owner and tenants stay together?

If both owner and tenants stay in the same unit, they can both apply for a separate account. Ensure that both owner and tenant accounts have a tick under resident in the unit log. By ticking the resident box, both owner and tenant have booking rights and are able to book the facilities and their quota is shared.

2.20 What if MA rejects an application?

Applicants will receive a rejection email and all private information of the user will be expunged from the system.

2.21 When do I reject a new user application?

You can reject the application if it is any one of these 3 reasons: 1. Wrong blk or unit number 2. Resident applied as an owner but he is a tenant (vice versa) 3. Frivolous application, no such person staying in the estate

2.22 Why must MA enter tenancy expiry date?

3 months before the tenancy expires, the system will send a notification email to the tenant to remind them to submit a new copy of the tenancy agreement.

If they do not provide a new copy, the tenant account will be archived. This is a security feature so that tenants who are no longer staying in the estate cannot book facilities when they have moved out. Also, this allows the MA to always have updated information of residents at any time.
All users under the master owner / tenants will be archived when the tenancy expires.

2.23 What if the tenant is still staying in the estate but did not update his tenancy and gets locked out of his iCondo account?

Residents can re login (not register) using the same email and password used previously. It would bring them to the “where do you stay” page and they would be required to provide the details again.

2.24 What if the applicant name does not match the tenancy agreement?

1. Verify with owner of tenants name 2. Place full name under last name for easy verification 3. Ask the tenant to provide the list of occupants found in the tenancy agreement

2.25 What if the lease is under a company name and applicant claims to be the tenant of the unit?

1. Request for the company to provide occupancy list to verify tenants 2. Proof of residency - bills / identification card with registered address

2.26 What if the user has entered the wrong block, unit or user type?

MA to reject the application. Users will then log in using the same login details used when registering for an account.

2.27 What if I accidentally approve a resident?

Archive the user in the unit log to ensure they are unable to login the iCondo app.

2.28 What if I archive a user?

User will be locked out of the app and an error message will be displayed. They will not be able to use the app.

2.29 What if I accidentally archive a user?

Click on unarchive.

2.30 I did not click on the archive but the user was archived. What could be the reason?

There are many possible reasons such as the replacement master was checked with approval of another user or that the tenancy has expired, resident might have clicked on change condo/unit and might be archived out of the system.

2.31 How to add or replace tenancy agreements?

Go to unit log-> filter the blk/unit ->Click on the edit function and upload the new tenancy-> insert password and save

2.32 How do I update the tenancy expiry date?

Go to unit log-> filter the blk/unit ->Click on the edit function and update the date of expiry. Only master tenants will have an expiry date because all occupants under the master tenant will follow his tenancy agreement expiry date.


Where do I source photos for my announcement?

You may google and save the relevant photos to input together with the announcement.

What if i realised my mistake and i want to delete my announcement?

To delete an announcement -> choose the announcement-> click onto archive-> delete the announcement from archive.

How do I attach an electronic survey?

Create an online survey form, copy the link, follow the steps to create an announcement, add the link under the website category. Remember to remove the https:// when inserting the link.

Can I send an announcement to owners only?

Yes you can. Announcement > targeted > Tick Box for Resident Owner and non resident owner


How do I print or export Feedback?

To print and export feedback -> choose feedback->filter by date ->choose start and end date -> filter-> export to csv or print.

How will residents contact iCondo if they have any technical queries?

Residents may choose to send their feedback thru the icondo app by choosing the icondo category. Please note that we will receive the feedback and we will reply to the resident at our end.

Can I see how many feedbacks are still open?

You can view the monthly details through the feedback report.

Online Form

How do I approve Online forms? Can i still follow my SOP?

Management should follow their SOP when approving the application forms. If the application form submitted is lacking documentations, MA may reject the application and fill in the reason for rejection. Residents will then be able to see the reason for rejection and re-submit their application.

Will the residents be charged the deposit and payment when they submit their online forms applications?

Please note that the resident will only be charged once management has approved their online application.

Will residents be able to see their deposit transaction in their bank statement?

Please note that for deposits, there will be no transactions. The deposit will act as an authority to charge in the system. If there are no damages after the event or moving, the Management will be able to release the deposit. No transaction will be seen on the bank statement.

How do I release a resident's deposit for online forms?

To release a deposit, click on online forms-> approved->filter the type of application and deposit status as on hold->click on the view button to see the application form->click onto release deposit.

Can I print out the online form applications for filing?

You may filter the application-> click on view to see the application->click on print

Facility Booking

How can I help residents to edit their booking?

Click on bookings -> filter their bookings (blk/unit number or event date) ->click on edit Please note that you will only be able to change the date, time and room / court. You will not be able to change the type of facility.

How can I help residents to cancel their booking?

Click on bookings -> filter their bookings (blk/unit number or event date) ->click on delete

Will a resident's booking fee be refunded if he cancels the booking according to the cancellation policy?

All booking fee refunds will have to be done by the management office. To refund the resident’s booking fee, click on payment->cancelled booking->filter the unit number->check the cancelled hours( to determine if the resident is entitled to the refund) -> click on refund. Please note that the booking fee will only be refunded 5 to 10 working days after MA clicks on refund.

Payment Transactions

How to refund booking fee?

Go to payments on the top right of LEIA system. Payment > cancelled bookings > Refund Payment (scroll all the way to the right) > Refund Refund will take 5 to 10 working days to be reflected in the resident’s account.

What happens to the deposit when the resident cancels the booking?

Once the booking has been cancelled, the deposit will automatically be released.

What happens to the deposit after the event is over?

The management will have to check for damages and if the deposit can be refunded, MA will have to process the refund through the system. To release the deposit, click on deposits-> filter the unit number-> click on release deposit. The deposit will automatically be released.

Are there transaction charges for MCST payment through the app? Who will bear the cost?

Yes. There is a 2.4% transaction charge that will be borned by the resident. The resident would be able to see the additional amount when he pays through the app.

How can I check which unit has paid for the MCST fees through the app?

Click on payment->MCST payment, you will be able to see the list of residents who made MCST payment through the app.

If the resident accidentally makes a payment through the app and realises there is a 2.4% transaction charge and wants to get a refund. Is it possible to get a refund?

Residents will not be able to get a refund as the 2.4% transaction charge is indicated on the payment information page in the app. When making payment, the total amount including the 2.4% charge is computed and shown in the summary page, the resident will have to click on “proceed with payment” as an acknowledgement for the payment to go through.

What are the benefits for using the app to make MCST fees payments?

Residents will be able to convert their recurring expenses into miles, rewards and cashback if they have credit cards with good rebates. Residents will have to check their credit card rewards for more information.

How do I export the payment transaction reports?

The transaction reports can be found in the backend leia system end of each month. To export the report, click on payment-> payout -> choose the report -> click on “export to csv” to see it in excel format or click on view to see the preview report.

Will my HQ know who made payment for MCST fees through the app?

Yes. We will be able to route a notification email to your HQ accounts. Therefore once a MCST fees payment is made through the app, your HQ accounts will receive an notification email with the details.

iCondo App

Resident is unable to login to their app and error message showing the following:

User does not exist - This indicates that the email used is wrong. Kindly check in the leia system to verify that the email is correct. Wrong user name or password - Wrong username or password indicates that the details entered is incorrect. Kindly assist the resident to input the correct details or press forget password if the resident has forgotten their password. Please verify in the unit log that the email entered in the app is correct. Email was used - If there is an error indicating that the email was used during registration, it means that the resident already has an account with iCondo.The resident does not need to re-register. Simply log in with the current account login details and it should bring the resident to the where do you stay page.

Resident forgot password

To reset the password, Click on “forgot password” Enter the email address used to register an account A new password will be sent to the resident via email. If the resident does not receive the email, kindly request for the resident to check in the span/junk mail folder. Once the resident has access to the app, please ensure that the password is changed to a new password. If an error msg showing invalid email appears, kindly assist to check in the unit log if the email entered and the email in the unit log is similar.

Where can the resident change his password?

He will be able to change his password using the iCondo app under settings ->change password.

Can a resident change his/her name and/or email address?

For changes to account details, please contact the Management office. It can only be updated through LEIA.

Resident receive this error message when creating a new icondo account:

Invalid verification code - This indication means that the code has expired or a new code has been sent. Kindly enter the new code to proceed further. You have reached the maximum number of verification limit - This means that the request for the verification pin has reached its limit. Kindly wait for a few minutes to retry the request.

Can residents make MCST payment through the app?

Yes. For MF/SF payment, they can proceed to pay via the payment section however there is a 2.4% transaction charge which will be charged to the resident.

What kind of cards can residents use to pay for facilities?

Residents can make payment via using a debit or credit card.

Will residents be able to see the deposit that is on hold in his bank statement?

Deposits are only an authority to charge and will not be reflected on the bank statement. This means that the deposit is not charged to the card unless the deposit is forfeited by the management.

How will residents be able to switch off the notifications from the app?

To switch off notification from social functions such as garage sale or chatterbox, click on settings ->notification settings. Residents will be able to customize the setting from there. Blue means it is switched on and residents are able to receive the notification. Grey means that the notification has been switched off. Please note that residents will not be able to switch off anything that comes from the management because anything that comes from the management is deemed as important.

The resident is able to enter the app but is unable to make any bookings

If the Error Message is - The Management has disabled your access to book facilities. please contact the management office for more information: 1. MA will have to check that the resident is currently staying in the estate and is not an offsite owner. 2. Kindly proceed to Leia-> click on Unit Log. Kindly proceed to Leia > Unit Log. In unit log, ensure that the resident box is ticked. When the resident box is unchecked, the resident will not be able to make any facilities booking. 3. In unit log, ensure that the resident box is ticked. When the resident box is unchecked, the resident will not be able to make any facilities booking.

Will residents be able to book a facility and pay later?

Residents are required to make payment to confirm the booking.

How is payment made for online forms?

Residents can make payment via using a debit or credit card. However, the payment will only be charged once the application form has been approved by the management.

Will the moving contractors and renovation contractors be able to apply online forms through the app?

Contractors will not be able to apply and submit the applications through the app as they do not have access to the app. However, residents will be able to forward the application form (Forms can be found in the documents section) to the third party contractor to be submitted manually to the management office.

Will MA be able to reply to my queries in Chatterbox?

Chatterbox was designed solely for residents to share interesting insights, discuss common interests and get to know their neighbours. As such, it is not accessible by the Management. Should residents have any queries, they should redirect them to the feedback categories.

Will other residents be able to see my feedback?

Only the MA and the resident will be able to see the feedback. Residents can also track their feedback through the app.