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What people say about iCondo

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Removed the
manual process

We recently had our AGM and the council has expressed their satisfaction on how we are using iCondo and technology to manage the estate and moving away from manual processes. Residents have also enjoyed the convenience the app has brought to the condo community.

Joanne, Condo Manager

Bicyle Tag Exercise

We have just implemented a bicycle tag exercise at our estate with the help of iCondo. It has been very easy. Residents find it really easy to register and request for a tag and we can now track and identify bicycles in our estate electronically


Alex, Property officer

Announcements and circulars

I have a lot of lift lobbies in my estate. For every announcement and circulars I make, we need to print and paste at all 50 lobbies. With iCondo, this process is much easier. Announcements are sent out in a timely manner, residents are able to refer to it and we can help save some trees.


Faizah, Condo Manager


Useful additional features by iCondo

The search for the One to replace the previous Condo Portal started from 2016 to 2018. A number of individuals have collectively and selflessly contributed many months into the review of of no less than 10 alternatives before we found what many of us deemed to be the best (balancing features, usability & price)


The iCondo additional features in the coming months is a bonus which many of us would find to be useful. Last but not least, thank you to Anthony (from iCondo) and your co-founders for inventing and improving this unique prosumer Condo Management System for the Singapore Condo Community. As the saying goes, Jia You!


Rex, Council Member



Convenient to report service request

Residents are happy that it is now so convenient to report service request and the response time is much faster with the iCondo app.

Tan Yi Ni, Condo Manager

One click away

Since implementing iCondo, the queues at the management office has significantly reduce. Residents are happier as they can find all the


information and forms in “one” click. They do not need to wait in line for their queries or request to be addressed, saving them a trip to the management office

Rafidah, Condo Manager.


What people say about iCondo

trusted works

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